domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015

sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2015

The car i want to give my girl

The esoteric E   --  Big one (chosen one...) I live at 3 number

When you are in shit

Find a dog or cat.
Stay kilometers of persons.
When you stay with persons give 1.20 meter of distance
Talk with persons who talk to you.

The world is crazy! You live alone. Make your house beauty, find a girl will teach you with telepathy.

Wait for divine time

In poker you find devils they lie

Play free! Dont lie! Dont play crazy!


Knowledge sharing

Pdf books, internet blogs, are poor and love all
Share you go to paradise!
Find a girl! And never give up! Your DNA is changing!
With torrents and Youtube movies of genius!

Youtube genius

Encrypt web

I want that! Teleport! 999 All done!

Thank you God! For this game! Play! You are in matrix!

Respect this womens

They love what they do.
I love them.
Fidelity to your womem or partner. And you can go everywhere...

Help this people

They have God
They have to feed is childreen.
Thanks for your parents. I love them.



Dont care about others, respect only your family and true friends. Are few.
The others they fear you, is because respect you.
Humanity always have the power. Angels

Suicide, Hell

Drink Green and coffes


Drink chocolate milk, orange, water. Believe in God

Help Africa with money, see their eyes

World Master, can be you! Dream!

Be still

Follow the honnest guys

If you think you are a angel you are.


Read angels. Wait for divine time.

Follow the pope

Stop! Kill the weapons!. Dont Kill! Believe in God! Love your family! Run!

sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

help the poors they have stories
peace to the world
food to all
be happy